Are You Too Smart for Entry-Level?

Don't waste another day of your life chained to a desk, counting the minutes till lunch.

If you are hard-working, people-oriented, entrepreneurial, organized, and ethical, consider working as an apartment rental agent. I know what you're thinking: "used car salesman." That may be the stereotype, but it’s not like that at Apartment Rental Experts.

My partner and I are liberal-arts educated guys who landed here for different reasons. I fell into rentals while I was in English grad school at B.U. I liked putting deals together and eventually bought the business. Then I brought in my friend, who got his stripes in corporate America and wanted to do his own thing.

Here's what you will get at our company…

  • Income potential. It's straight commission - half a month's rent on every lease - with a generous bonus schedule. So why settle for a 4% raise?
  • Freedom. Set your own schedule, wear what you want, be out and about. Maybe you're just not a desk-job kind of person. Our most successful agents weren't either.
  • Variety. You'll post ads, take client calls, go out on showings, put together leases, and negotiate deals. And did I mention make money?
  • Cool co-workers. You're going to be around them a lot, so you might as well like them.
  • A stepping stone. Past agents have opened businesses, gone on to business school, law school, etc. This is NOT a dead-end proposition.

Here's what you need to work with us…

  • A car
  • A cell phone
  • A real estate license. You can get it in a weekend, and if you're the right person, we'll pay for it.
  • The initiative to work up to six days a week - especially during the busy summer season. But remember, you'll be making a lot of money and working with people you actually like.

This job isn't for everyone. Some people feel safe on the corporate ladder. Others want to skip the first rung or two - or forge their own path altogether. If you're the latter, send us your resume or give us a call.

We are an equal housing opportunity provider. We comply with all federal and state fair housing laws.

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